Smoking Snakes

State FPS Singleplayer & Multiplayer em Development Platform PC Game

In Smoking Snakes you are part of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (B.E.F) fighting Axis in Italian territory during World War II.

The different types of weapons, skills and classes make a fun and customizable gameplay in addition to the different mechanics that are being developed and will become Smoking Snakes an addictive and immersive shooter.

Still developing the project must have a pre-alpha version available in December 2017 and at the moment there is already a version with multiplayer game mode "Team Deathmatch" and some light weapons for infantry.

After that will seek public financing in crowdfunding platform Kickante, this will be the first stage of foreign investment in the game, then the goal is to reach the Steam Greenlight with a stable version and tested by different players.

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