Smoking Snakes Devlog #02


Hello everyone, let's go to another Smoking Snakes devlog, today I'll write a little about the first development phase of the Villaggio map, which is the initial map of the alpha version of the game.

Villaggio means "village / village" in Italian, was a generic name chosen because the map in question does not depict any place that F.E.B has been; Recreating real places requires a lot of research and pre-production time, so even the alpha version of Smoking Snakes will not recreate the famous locations that Brazil was during the war, such as Montese and Monte Castello. These sites will gradually be added at a more mature stage of development, probably early in the Beta phase.

"First draft of Villagio, see that beautiful handwriting mine :)"

However Villaggio has basic elements that will be used in most Smoking Snakes maps, for example relief, situated in the middle of a mountain the "Nazi" team has its base located in the upper part of the mountain while the "Allied" team has its base to the "feet" of the mountain.

Obviously, this gives the Nazis the advantage that in addition to being in a high position and favorable for shooting also has the advantage of moving faster when descending the slopes, while the other team (FEB) moves more slowly when climbing the slopes, thus a team arrives before at bottlenecks and to balance this "problem" there are some level design tricks.

"Overlapping the current map along the first floor of the streets. In red is the delimitation of the playable area of ??the map in team death match mode "

The "mindset" in creating the map

Villaggio is an almost symmetrical map, which makes it much easier to define the flow of players in the environment, the biggest challenge here is to offset the advantage points of the team at the top of the map, so there are some strategic entries that will balance the for the team on the lower part of the map. There are also some points where players can go up, thus leveling the combat with opponents who are at a high point, without having to approach much of the point of attack.

Any small village has some obligatory places, in Villaggio it is not different and has some points of reference such as a church and cemetery, a square, a cafeteria, an open market. Basically the map has two main points of combat (two arenas), the largest and main being the market zone and the secondary one the square in triangular form.

Iterations in the design of the maps

The development of the map is done in different iterations of work, at first all the blocking of the map is done, that is to say, to create the basic paths and geometric forms in the map. The goal here is to test the basic principles of level design, such as scale and flow of players, here is a big dilemma.

"First versions of 'level blocking', notice the difference in relief, all this has already been changed"

Place the blocks and test the game play or put the 3D models and have the rework change everything? Well, I chose to do a little of both because while I needed to present a little bit of the game for the financing campaign, I also needed to continue the flow tests using the white blocks in addition to clear basic things like the shader used by terrain, textures to be chosen, etc.

In the next iterations will be added new models, until all blocks have been replaced by models of houses and buildings, but here comes the question of rework, because about 70% of the models that are on the map today, will be replaced by new models with interiors, meaning you can enter almost every building on the map! But here comes another caveat, this will only be possible through a plugin (!/content/82220) that allows you to create buildings within the Unity editor, this plugin costs $ 99 (326 reais), at the time I write this text corresponds to half of the amount collected in the collective financing campaign.

"More than 70% of the models will be replaced"

In other future iterations will be added the "military" context in the city, such as trenches, barricades, destroyed sites, among other things, as we enter the polishing phase of the map, calibrating the lighting, reflections, adding particles and many other details that bring life for the game!

That ends our devlog, do not forget to collaborate with collective funding and follow Weendie Games on social networks, until next time!


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