Lorencia's Tales - Exclusive image and new website soon


Lorencia's Tales - Untold Stories, is set the project name already called Mu Unity, Mu Mobile and finally Lorencia's Tales.

After a long downtime, the project goes into production and will be released only on PC, the focus is to create a photorealistic or something close to that environment, will be a slow transition from old models and textures for new textures and more elaborate models.

It was and is a great experience because I've been learning a lot about games optimization, composition settings, shaders, etc. But unfortunately production is slow, in addition to this hobby that is working with games,i got a dayjob as i said in another post and still give an entrepreneur with "Loja do Rocker (The Rocker Store)" and other things.

Speaking of other things, I am working on the new website development can be followed via Trello or on this website, this new website will allow access to games / prototypes including Lorencia's Tales.

The "early access" will be very gradually, starting with a few accounts (20 perhaps?) But will be free, after all is a fan of work.

For today's all, I try to maintain a higher rate of post here on the blog (if it's someone reads this) and warrants a simple gif better showing the day / night cycle.

Until next post, c-ya ;)


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