First post, Mu Mobile and launching the site


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Hello everyone, I am pleased to launch the website, although it is not 100% ready I think it's already usable for browsers on your computer. As usual, the website will be continuously updated as new ideas come and needs.

Unfortunately for copyright issues, Mu Mobile was removed from the Google Play Store.

The development has not been canceled, as a fan of the original game, i want to work on this project in parallel to others. The news is that now you can follow the development more closely, through the blog and also playable version direct from the browser, which will be available soon on the page with game details.

At the moment, the focus of the work is being "MMOFPS" game, I will not talk much about this project until you have something more mature to show here on the site.

So regularly i'll be posting news and updates here! See ya.


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